‘biases’ yoongi, ten lee, seulgi, wonyoung, yoon, leeknow, jongho, ningning, taehyun.

‘i anti’ lucas, leia, giselle


byf im pretty active. i usually post skz. i sometimes make kys/die jokes. i am very sensitive. please use tone tags.

artists, lesbians!, skz stan’s (ot8 or less.), nctzens (ot22 or less.), cat lovers, jungkook enthusiasts, platonic minsung shippers, sunflower lovers, yeonjun fans.

corey !

15. white / native. capricorn. they / them. jungkook thinker 💭. ten lee hand holder 🌀. yejis only gf 🐈

….eric nam my star boy 💭🌟

LIKES ten lee, kittens, strawberries, plants, sope, minsung, skz code.

DISLIKES trypophobia, butterflies, dreamsmp, loud chewing, mouth noises, whispering irl shippers, skz antis.

dream fans, skz antis, ot9 stays, ot23 nctzens, btspoppers, skz defenders, racists, homophobes, lesbiophobes.

get to know me
i hyperfix, i love rainy days, i’m a lesbian, i have a cat named noah, i’m allergic to pineapple, i can speak a little korean and i’m scared of butterflies

goodbye… 🎧🌀💭